Saturday, July 6, 2013

Sneak Peak...

When we moved into this beautiful apartment, we lost our dear sectional. Unfortunately, the elevator of the brand new building was too compact, and the building did not have a service elevator in our wing. So we had to part ways with our dear sectional via craigslist...

After a 3 years of sitting on the outdoor sectional we purchased as a 'tempory fix', it was time to start the sofa hunt. I pinned tons of pins, and had my peg board filled with sofa specials direct mail pieces and clippings of catalog pages.

We finally pulled the triger... introducing Mr. Milano, 

We wanted a dark leather sectional with plenty of seating, yet not too big since our living room is very small. With a little 2 year old running around, we needed something that we can wipe spilled milk, or crushed gold fish right off.

Macy's had an AMAZING sale, in addition to a mail in coupon. After great service from the showroom to the our front door, I highly reccomend going to Macys for your furniture needs.

Pillows are from Target and Homegoods
Rug is from Target

Putting some finishing touches to a DIY project and should reveal the living room soon.
Hope you are having a wonderful 4th of July weekend!