Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Our Bathroom

has been a nightmare. 
To start off it was old, leaking everywhere, full of rust and pink. Not the walls painted in pink, no that would have been too easy... The tub, wall tiles, sink, towel holder, and did I mention the roof?!?!?
Let me just show you the pictures that I found this morning on my computer so that you can have an idea
Do you see the flowers on top of the toilet? I tried my best to make it pretty, but that was not cutting it.  
America's ugliest bathroom! But that was not stopping us, my amazing dad offered to help us and we went at it in a weekend.... First tear down ALL the walls including the roof (poor hubster, he wanted to kill me), then install all the new plumbing, new electrical outlets, dry wall, roof, New tub, Tile, paint, vanity, toilet and accessories and lighting fixtures. Lighting was very limited so we added a fixture on the roof. Here are some before an after shoots (Sorry the pictures are not that good of quality, this was over 2 years ago). 

UPDATE: 3 months ago a pipe burst under the house and we had to redo the ENTIRE bathroom and the only things that we were able to save was the vanity and accessories. I will take a few pictures over the weekend and post. We kept everything the same except did not install the multi-color wall boarder tile in the bathroom. 

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Chandelier love

I would love love love a chandelier in our Master bedroom something like these
DecorPad House to home Where are the style things are Simple Creative Merchant Circle Look at this before and after, love the dramatic Chandelier Channel 4
but unfortunately living in South Florida we have too many hot nights and we enjoy having a fan in our bedroom. Here is our original fan And our new Fan from Home Depot for $69.99 What a difference in lighting and since its smaller the room feels larger. And just because.... Happy Thursday!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Update on Rug

"What the heck did you kill?" was the first words out of the Hubsters mouth when he saw the rug. I really was not feeling it in our bedroom because the black really stood out, this rug would go great on a sun room or a large craft room.
So Maybe I should go with a textured rug? Maybe something like this? Ikea PotteryBarn Woven Rug from Ikea Ikea I knew it was too good of a deal :(

Friday, January 15, 2010

Decor Find

This morning before heading to work I stopped at Target to grab some groceries and of course had to swing by the decor section :)
Target has this new collection called Regency that I am in love with but have to be a little careful not to get carried away. Mirror tray $29.99 Pillow (the fabric is white) $19.99 Lamp $19.99 And I took this baby home with me to see how it looks in our master bedroom Rug $19.99 60L x 36w I can not wait to leave work and get home already to see how it looks! Happy Friday

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Thrift Store Finds

Today was a cold rainy day but that wasn't stopping me!! :) Grabbed some coffee and went shopping. a brand new yellow ruffle scarf from The Gap, Little lessons of Love and a Fen Sui book. Mother in law has mentioned a few things about fen Sui so I thought I would read up on it since we are re-doing her living room and dining room.
This adorable Tea pot and sugar holder has a story behind it.. I found the tea pot by itself and had all intentions to buy it, but when the cashier told me it was missing a piece I had second thoughts. So I ran back to racks to look for something that looked like it belong together, no luck so I decided to leave it. When I got home I showed the Hubster all the goodies plus a tickle me Elmo for $5.95 that I bought for one of our cousins. There was a few of them but I was not sure it they worked so I only purchased one. The Hubster wanted to go back and buy a few more and I was so up to going back to the thrift store! When we walked in I decided to pass by one last time to see if I found anything that matched the teapot and there it was all by itself in the corner, the sugar holder. I grabbed it and went back to the cashier and she still had it under her register.... SCORE!! How Cute is it??

Friday, January 8, 2010

I Made it without my Hubby

Shanty2Chic has this great link party of projects that are made without our wonderful husbands, I love it! I submitted my Sunburst Mirror Tutorial Go check it out

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Thrift Store Find

After my last appointment today I stopped by my favorite thrift store and Wednesday's are Senior Citizen's day where anyone over the age of 65 receives 65% off of most items. I have never been there on a Wednesday and I think I'll stick to my early Saturday Mornings with a cup of coffee.
I have been eyeing this chandelier for about 3 weeks and after doing some research last night and found this Buichurch for $220 I had to go get it... What do you think?

Chandelier love

I am in love with all these unique chandeliers that I see everywhere.
Casasugar has this article of these two beautiful chandeliers Right - Design Within Reach Murano Class Chandelier $2900 Left - Nicolette Brunklaus Chandelier $395 Oh My Perch A Flea Market Find Casasugar Renovation Therapy
Look at Karla's 'How to paint a chandelier' that she bought for $8.00 Lets see what I come up with for this chandelier
Maybe High Gloss Black or yellow with something like this grey accent chair Off to go think..