Wednesday, December 30, 2009

JCPenny Canvas

I would have never thought about going to JCPenny for home items, and boy was I wrong! JCPenny has so many different home decor accessories for everyone's different taste.
I found these beautiful 3 piece Canvas for $69.99 Click Here PLUS!!!! This coupon for 15% off Coupon Code: PCCHRIJC Expires: 1/01/2010 Grand total $59.49 Not bad, savings of $80 dollars!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Step by Step DIY Sunburst Mirror

This has been on my mind after this post (Here and Here are great instructions and pictures this famous mirror).
Here is the final product in our master bedroom Supplies
  • Skewers (already had)
  • Piece or cardboard
  • 25-30 assorted Mirrors (Walmart pack of 25 $1.27)
  • Automotive reflective Mirror (Walmart $1.67)
  • Ruler
  • Glue Gun
  • Platinum Spray paint (Micheal's $2.99 w/ 50% off coupon)
  • Tooth Saw hanger (had from previous project)
Step 1 - Remove mirror from frame and trace it along the cardboard, then cut inside your tracing. You want the mirror to over lap the cardboard so that you can not see it from the sides. Next using ruler divide the cardboard box into pizza slices, this will help you organize all your skewers. Step 2 - Glue on every other the longer skewers first and then the shorter ones.
Step 3 - Paint both sides. Glue the automotive mirror to the cardboard nice and tight so you can not see it from the sides. Then start to layout your mirrors BEFORE you glue them on. You might changed your mind (like I did) a few times before your final layout. Once you have decided where you want all your mirrors get your glue on! Final step - Glue The Saw tooth hanger (bought a packet of 4 at Target for under $2 for another project) to the back of your mirror (onto the skewer sticks) Tada! My version of the sunburst mirror under $10

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Thank you Santa!

for bringing this Air Compressor that I am in love with! This is going to be a great addition to the Craft room.
Someone must have been a good girl the year :) Now I'm searching Craigs List, Home Depot, Lowes and Sears for a spray Gun. Hopefully it goes on sale soon. So as we were putting away our Christmas decorations I noticed that some things getting old so I tossed them out while others just need a quick fixed. For instance our Stocking Holder, the reindeer was cracked but still in great shape and they are so cute that I did not want to toss them. So I filled it in and spray painted white. Tada! No need to toss out. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas,

Friday, December 25, 2009

Craft Room Ideas

Oooooo I So want to do this to a filling cabinet for the craft room project
Click Here for a great DIY step by step tutorial with pictures. And since I want a large working table this chipboard top from Ikea be perfect for $79.99 Apartment Therapy Love it!!!

DIY Ikea product

I ran into this site that has some great DIY projects with Ikea products, Ikea Have you seen it??? Go check it out and tell me which DIY project do you love????
Here is one of my favorites using $2.99 Mirrors
Last time we were there I feel in love with these mirrors but had no idea what to do with them. They are a really light wood color so you can paint them in any color.
I think I'm going to tackle this project for the Craft Room to bring in some light. But first off I need to find a nice long desk. Hope you are having a wonderful Christmas!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Sunburst Mirrors

are starting to appear everywhere. They are so unique that can be personalized to fit any space.
Elte marked down 30 per cent to $472 I have been searching for a small one that wont break the bank for our bedroom but everything I find is either too big and it will look very awkward in our small room. Lets see what I come up with Merry Christmas Eve!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Fashion Score

YES!!! is all I kept thinking when I found these babies, in my size, in the color I have been searching and all the way home.
I found these babies while doing some last minutes Christmas shopping at Marshall's and yes, your eyes are reading it correctly... $39.99!!!! The picture does not do any justice, they are a smoke color. Don't they remind of these beauty's from Tory Burch On sale now for $195 Originally $325 (Wow)!!! Now if I can only find them in this nude color from Christian Louboutin Off to go see what I am going to wear for Christmas Eve's dinner Party.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas baskets

are my favorite thing to do. They are so much fun to personalize and there are so many decorations that will not break the bank!
The trick is finding all the goodies on a the CHEAP!! So that means driving to tons of stores, checking out every one's prices and quality, clipping tons of coupons and thrift store shopping. This year I was lucky enough to find beautiful baskets for $.95!!! Right there I already saved at least $7-10 dollars on each basket. Here is one of my thrift store finds. Here is a few pictures and where and how much I paid for each Item:
1. Fronterra Wine - Publix (buy 4 or more and receive 5% off) $ 4.74 each Bottle 2. Wine Stopper - HomeGoods $1.99 OR Corkscrew Opener - Ikea $1.99 3. Cello wrapping paper and Ribbon already had - Free Total $6.75
Standard Basket
1. Basket - Thrift Store $.95 2. Pepper Ridge Farm Cookies - Target - One Sale $2.50 PLUS $.75 off Coupon each one, $1.75 3. Peanut Brittle - CVS - $1.50 4. Turtles - CVS - A pack of 2 $5.99, each $2.99 5. Ghirardelli Chocolate - Target - 2 for $5.00 PLUS $1.00 off of 2 Coupon, $4.00 (and these two bags filled up all the baskets) Total $ 7.45
Pasta Bowl / Basket 1. Two Bags of Pasta - Marshall's $3.00/each 2. Two Spices - Marshall's $3.99/each 3. Chocolate Toffee Pistachios - HomeGoods $1.99 4. Olive Oil $4.99 5. Basket $.95 Total $21.91
1. Basket - Thrift Store $.95 2. Savory Crackers - Marshall's - $1.99 3. Sausage - Target - $4.99 4. Chipotle Mustard & Grey Poupon Spread - Marshall's - $3.99 / each 5. Turtles - CVS - $2.95 6. Peanut Brittle - CVS - $1.50 7. Coppola Chardonnay - Had in the bar for over 3 years - Free 8. 2 Wine Glass - Left over from engagement Party - Free 9. Corkscrew Wine Opener - Ikea - $1.99 10. Ghirardelli Chocolate - Target - 2 for $5.00 PLUS $1.00 off of 2 Coupon, $4.00 (and these two bags filled up all the baskets)
Total $22.60
Happy Hour Basket!
1. Basket - Thrift Store $.95 2. Absolut Vodka - Another Bottle from our bar that has not been touched since our House warming party 3 years ago!! - Free 3. Rose Sour Apple and Raseberry Mixers - Target - $4.99 each with a $1.00 off Coupon, $3.99/each 4. Stainless Steel Shaker - HomeGoods - $7.99 5. Palm Stuffed Olives - HomeGoods - $4.99 6. Cheese Dip - HomeGoods - $1.99 Total $23.90
What I did have to buy was a 3 pack of clear cello paper at Joann's that was on sale from $15.99 to $11.99. Each roll wraps 2-3 baskets. All the ribbon is left over from last year and I used floral wire to secure the cello paper on top of each basket. Oh and the ornament balls are from our first Christmas tree that we have never used again.
There you have it some great baskets under $25.