Monday, November 30, 2009


Here is what you are looking at when you walk in the room, do you see it??? That corner of the bed that we did not sand and paint?????? Ugh, great... Take apart, sand, primer and paint... AGAIN!!!!
Here is a close up... What were we thinking?? And here is the front.. the only part that we 'thought' needed to be painted. Ugh... the lovely world of house projects.

Cyber Monday

Did not go that well... :(
Lowe's had the Kitchen Aid mixer that I have been watching for a while at $149.50 (original price $299.00) plus a $30 Mail in rebate... So it would have come out to be around $130!!!! Lowe's But of course, only my luck when I went to check out they were completely sold out, so option 2 run to Bed Bath and Beyond and request a price match! Unfortunately when I arrived at BBB they searched and the special was over with... :( This has showed me to never waste time by trying to search for any other deals when I already found one, just grab it and pay for it ASAP. I have also Found this really neat site that keeps you updated on the latest deals, Any other sites out there like this one? Plus, if you do a lot of online buying you have to sign up with Rebates to earn cash back.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Painting Wood Furniture

We've had our bedroom set for over 8 years and its starting to show some wear and tear. I have to admit we should not leave our cups on the nightstands since they drip and will wet the wood, but where do you put a cup when its super late and always forget the coaster???? Well it happened... the 'wood' eventually started to chip.
So we sanded the everything down, primed and painted. Step 1 - Gather all your supplies:
  1. Sander With 60 grit sand paper
  2. Wood Filler (if you are replacing your hardware with something that won’t fit the existing holes)
  3. Primer (Water-Based)
  4. Paint (Either Semi-gloss or full Gloss)
  5. Foam Brush and Foam Roller, or a good brush for no stroke mark
Step 2 - Remove the drawers and knobs Step 3 - Fill in all your old knob holes with Wood Filler (only if you are are replacing your knobs with another knob that does not fit the current hole) Step 4 - Start sanding! Your main concern is to sand down the top glossy coat aka polyurethane. This is a headache but it pays off in the long run, paint will absorb a lot better. Here is the nightstand all sanded down and wiped clean Step 5 - Prime Paint one coat of primer and wait at least a hour. This will help your paint last much longer and help it from chipping. It might look sloppy after primer but its ok it will even out nicely once you finish your last coat of paint. Step 6 - Paint 2-3 VERY thin coats of the final paint color with either a high quality wool or polyester roller. Each coat should be very thin so that it dries faster and your paint will last longer. I have noticed if you paint on thick coat it will not dry, the surface stays sticky and will dent with any hit. Our Painting station These are the knobs that I just purchased for the nightstands Hope this pictures can help you out!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Oh Just beautiful

Wow, I am in love with these full dramatic drapes. I can just imagine laying in bed with the window slightly open on a Sunday, reading the paper while drinking coffee.
Urban Sardines Oh and just because...

Thursday, November 26, 2009

What to wear?!?!?!

Tonight for Thanksgiving we are going to my family's house for a sit down dinner and then to the hubsters family for a drinks and party for the rest of the night. So I want something not too 'partying', but something fun. A: B: Which one do you think??

New Window Legde & Paint, Done!

Finally the hardest part of the make over is done!!
  • Removed the old cracked yellow window sills and replaced them with a one piece natural marble slab
  • Painted the walls Valspar Urban Sunrise Semi-Gloss and the Baseboards & doors High gloss white
Now off to finish Baking our Thanksgiving pies and Green bean casserole. Have a great Thanksgiving!!