Tuesday, January 5, 2010

This week's Coupons

Are AMAZING!!!! I just finished clipping all of my Sunday's paper (SP) coupons (kind of delayed with Sunday's Furniture shopping) PLUS Target.com and Coupon.com and have a few DOUBLE coupons... SCORE!!!
Here are a few of the double coupons: Cheerios Target $1.00 of Cheerios SP $1.00/3 GM Cereals (Target has $1.00 Trix which is one of your options) GE Lighting Product (light bulbs) Target - $1.50 SP - $1.00 Yoplait Yogurt Target $ 1.00/8 SP $.50/8 Philsbury Toaster Strudel Target $1.00/1 SP $.35/1 Some Great Super bowl barbecue coupons from the Sunday's Paper Bubba Burger SP $1.00 Kraft Cheese SP $1.00/2 Wright Brand Naturally hardwood bacon $1.00 Lay's Baked chips $.55 (Target has them on sale 2/$6.00) Rubbermaid easy find lids containers $1.00(especially after all the holidays you have to start re-stalking up on containers) Coupon.com: Aveeno Face Care or Body Products $2.00 Weight watchers Sweet Bakery $1.00/1 And there are tons more!! Start your clipping and remember do not buy something you just because you have a coupon

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