Saturday, January 9, 2010

Thrift Store Finds

Today was a cold rainy day but that wasn't stopping me!! :) Grabbed some coffee and went shopping. a brand new yellow ruffle scarf from The Gap, Little lessons of Love and a Fen Sui book. Mother in law has mentioned a few things about fen Sui so I thought I would read up on it since we are re-doing her living room and dining room.
This adorable Tea pot and sugar holder has a story behind it.. I found the tea pot by itself and had all intentions to buy it, but when the cashier told me it was missing a piece I had second thoughts. So I ran back to racks to look for something that looked like it belong together, no luck so I decided to leave it. When I got home I showed the Hubster all the goodies plus a tickle me Elmo for $5.95 that I bought for one of our cousins. There was a few of them but I was not sure it they worked so I only purchased one. The Hubster wanted to go back and buy a few more and I was so up to going back to the thrift store! When we walked in I decided to pass by one last time to see if I found anything that matched the teapot and there it was all by itself in the corner, the sugar holder. I grabbed it and went back to the cashier and she still had it under her register.... SCORE!! How Cute is it??


  1. Just came across your blog. Love what I've seen so far! Look forward to more!

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