Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Our Bathroom

has been a nightmare. 
To start off it was old, leaking everywhere, full of rust and pink. Not the walls painted in pink, no that would have been too easy... The tub, wall tiles, sink, towel holder, and did I mention the roof?!?!?
Let me just show you the pictures that I found this morning on my computer so that you can have an idea
Do you see the flowers on top of the toilet? I tried my best to make it pretty, but that was not cutting it.  
America's ugliest bathroom! But that was not stopping us, my amazing dad offered to help us and we went at it in a weekend.... First tear down ALL the walls including the roof (poor hubster, he wanted to kill me), then install all the new plumbing, new electrical outlets, dry wall, roof, New tub, Tile, paint, vanity, toilet and accessories and lighting fixtures. Lighting was very limited so we added a fixture on the roof. Here are some before an after shoots (Sorry the pictures are not that good of quality, this was over 2 years ago). 

UPDATE: 3 months ago a pipe burst under the house and we had to redo the ENTIRE bathroom and the only things that we were able to save was the vanity and accessories. I will take a few pictures over the weekend and post. We kept everything the same except did not install the multi-color wall boarder tile in the bathroom. 


  1. WOW! Fantastic job! Your hard work paid off - it's gorgeous!

  2. Thank you!! Thia weekend I want to take new pictures and submit them to your amazing Blog.

    Thanks again for visiting

  3. I'd LOVE to feature your projects. I look forward to hearing from you! :)