Thursday, October 22, 2009

I GOT A MAC!!!!!

Wow I thought this day will never come, we own a Mac!! We have been searching for a new lab top but wanted to wait for the Thanksgiving sales. Well, that didn't happen, on Sunday our lab top decided to commit suicide by falling off the sofa... just wonderful. Poor little lap top, we have been together for so many years... So we started to search for new laptops and to see what deals are out there and Nothing! Either too much money with not enough memory or just too much money. One of the Mr's friends was selling his 17in Macbook Pro but we really could not afford dishing out that amount off money at the moment. After all week searching and finding absolutely nothing we bit the bullet and bought the MacBook Pro. Its sooooooo amazing!!! Now if I only knew how to use it??? Thank you Honey!!!!

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