Saturday, September 24, 2011

Weekend Projects

Time to get some weekend projects moving...
We finished painting all the interior and touched up the base and crown moldings and I'm in LOVE!!! I was worried when the paint was drying because it was really really white, but once we started to move in our furniture it looks great! So bright, clean and cherry.
Here is the final product.. living/family room leading into the dining room and kitchen. 
Paint Test!! I went with the top left one. 

First thing tomorrow morning I would like stop at Homegoods to return bath towels, and then go to Whole Foods to buy Fresh Chicken to make baby R's puree's. And then hopefully try to tackle some projects around the house. This is tiring! I do not know how the guys at Young House Love do it, but it's hard to accomplish weekend projects with a little one to keep entertained.

YAY!!! Love the weekend...


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