Saturday, September 10, 2011

Shower Time!

It was a beautiful sunny, breezy South Florida Sunday afternoon and I could not have asked for more. My Mother in Law and sister did an amazing Job. My Mother law wanted me to help her with the decorations, of course if you know me... I could not refuse.
I wanted to start the 'nautical' theme with the invitations, the first thing your guests see.
So every Sunday with my 50 percent off coupon from Sundays Newspaper I would venture out to Micheal's and see what I could find. The White linen Card Stock paper as well as the Red envelops are from Micheal's, as well as the anchor cut out puncher (Martha Stewart Collection). The invitations and favor tags were printed at Staples. 
'WELCOME ON BOARD' Life Saver on front door (HomeGoods find)
Ikea White Pots with Wood emblem from Micheal's
Lobster cookie
Dollar bin find at Micheals! I found these rubber duckies way before We knew the sex of the baby. I just loved them, they even had anchors and lobsters tattooed on their tooshies!
Tin filled with Life Saver Mints
Fruit Platter and Cheese and Meat platter (super easy to make, bought at Cosco)

My Sister flew in for the weekend and she was a huge help!! My Husband's Aunt made the shrimp fettuccine, my Mother in Law bought the salad and bread and our other aunt made all the fruit salads and Shrimp Pineapple.

Dessert... agh.. What I was able to enjoy... no wine, but yes to cake... heaven. 
We went with the same baker which made our wedding cake, Mr. Bee's. Simply delicious and beautiful. It was a 2 tier, top tier was butter cream, bottom tier Marble and all the flags are made from sugar! 
Good times. 
Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

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